Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Erin McIntosh featured on The English Room Blog this month!

We are always excited to see others take interest in our artists but even more excited when one of our favorite blogs, The English Room, does an incredible detailed feature emphasizing all of the reasons why we can't get enough of our own, Erin McIntosh!

In Holly's Artist Spotlight Series she asks questions that allow everyone to get to know Erin in a fun personable way from her favorite restaurants to her most prized possession. We hope you enjoy Holly's post, in the link below, as much as we have. Thank you! 

Erin in her studio! 

"Peachshore 1, 2, 3" 12" by 12" $250 each

 Water color abstract on paper, "Particle Playscape" 22" by 24" $400 unframed

Her favorite drink and one of our's too! The Italian, Aperol Spritz!

A gorgeous layered abstract, "Roy G Biv" 48" by 60" hanging in the Gallery $2500

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Artist Spotlight : Kerry Steele!

Kerry Steele has joined the GIFA family and we could not be more excited to share her talent with all of you. Kerry's work combines the perfect juxtapositions of fresh/traditional, young/sophisticated, and free brush strokes in confined spaces. We can't get enough of the energy depicted in each piece and we invite you to add Kerry to your favorite pool of emerging artists to watch. 

Find out more about Kerry and her work on our site, Kerry's blog, Design DuMonde, and The Pink Pagoda Blog. 

The Pink Pagoda paired Kerry's new pieces, "Going to a Smart" and "Sartorial Pursuits" 30" by 40" each, $1200 with chic cobalt chairs. 

 More of Kerry's work in the Gallery...

"99 miles an hour", 48x48 on gallery wrap, $2300

"Tangerine", 22x30 on paper, $275

"Relatively Chronic", 36x36 on gallery wrap, $1300

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jennifer Ferris on the cover of Peachy Magazine!

Proud to share the cover of Peachy Magazine's October-November 2014 issue is none other than our own Jennifer Ferris transitioning readers into fall with her "Calm and Chaos" collaged painting! We have been following and reading Peachy Magazine since their first issue and are so excited to see Jennifer included in this fun fall issue. 

This piece has already found a home but we've included some from this amazing series still in the Gallery. Contact us for questions and definitely check out Peachy Magazine for one of your new favorite reads. 

Peachy Magazine's fall issue feature Jennifer Ferris on the cover! 

"Anticipation" 48" by 48" $1800
"Carolina Wren" 6" by 6" $150

"Moments" 18" by 24" $495

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jacksonville Show!

Headed to Jacksonville this week for one of our traveling shows! We are excited to share over 200 of our favorite pieces in the Gallery with our Florida friends!

Stay tuned to see how the show went and what pieces were crowd favorites!