Friday, November 4, 2011

Life With You Is A Fabulous Circus!

Check out this beautiful room decorated by one of the Gregg Irby Fine Art artists, Nancy B. Westfall, for her daughter Zelle. Then see how we changed the space a little by switching out the painting to fit different styles. Enjoy!!


  1. Well, personally, I am in LOVE with the existing, "Young at Heart" style. It's just so vibrant, colorful, fun and a little unexpected. And it manages to pull all of the other colors in the room together without being over-powering. I also just love the message!

    The "Edgy Surprise" look is really interesting as well though. I'm not sure the color palette is quite right for that space, but I think that style could work really well!

  2. I love the Lulie Wallace piece there...but that may be because I adore her work. I can see the piece by Kate Merritt Davis working really well--the Elegantly Playfu. The elephant is amazing, though! What a fun sense of style!