Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gallery Artist Erin McIntosh on her abstract paintings and contemporary artwork.

We have always LOVED Erin McIntosh's original abstract paintings on canvas as well as her beautiful artwork with cut paper. We recognized Erin's talent early on and have represented her as an artist for about 10 years. From her undergraduate and masters studies at the University of Georgia, to her professorship teaching others in fine art and painting, we are proud to have her artwork in our gallery. Now, we are excited to show you just a few of her newest watercolor paintings! Tell us which one is your favorite by adding a comment below.

Click here to view more of Erin's work


  1. There is something very light & ethereal about the top right piece. Love her work and greatly enjoyed hearing her describe her abstractions.

  2. I love the last piece. There's something very human, very emotional about the two tall figures. For me, it relates the most to what she is doing with her other work. The crisp lines, the vivid and the quiet colors juxtaposed, the other-world strangeness, all appeal to me.