Friday, September 26, 2014

Eileen Power in House of Turquoise Blog!

Thrilled to see Eileen Power's beautiful "Sea Marsh" 48" by 48" featured in House of Turquoise Blog this week! The post features the talented and adorable Kandrac & Kole design team based in Atlanta around the corner from us! 

The kitchen is perfectly captured by Emily Followill (another one of  our faves) and makes us love Eileen's color palate even more in this coastal inspired abstract. The coral translating perfectly into fall and the turquoise making us nostalgic for summer already! Thank you House of Turquoise, Kandrac & Kole, Emily Followill and Eileen! What a great group :) Happy Friday! 


  1. Thank you for featuring our work! We love working with you and your artists!!

  2. That painting looks like it was made for that space! Gorgeous piece!