Friday, December 16, 2011

Art And Fashion Trends: Trusting Your UNIQUE style!

Taking note from some of our favorite fashion trends we have drawn inspiration from the latest editorials and applied it to the question we get the most, "How do you pick art for your home and your UNIQUE style?" It's a tough question, but the answers are fun! See below and let us know what you think by adding a comment!

We've always been keen on COLOR! When browsing art for your home, don't forget to have fun and keep your favorite colors and patterns in mind. You don't have to match everything perfectly... remember our post on ELLE DECOR last week? In fact, your room will be more fresh and exciting if you use a variety of colors and tones. So don't be afraid to mix it up! Whether your taste is simple and chic or funky and fun, if you trust your intuition and your inevitably cool fashion sense you will be sure to pick art that you will LOVE for ages!

Have an uptown taste and love adding a pop of color here and there to keep it feeling fresh and new? Check out how Claiborne Swanson Frank decorated her Manhattan home. The bright colors contrast her use of white, keeping the whole look fresh and vibrant. AND we love the painting by Russell Christoffersen behind her! The abstract work is balanced by her clean and simple lines (in her dress and the room). See more here!

Have more of a simple and chic style? There's something so alluring about an easy-to-wear dress with a BOLD color! Your home doesn't have to be any different! If you have a color that you love, don't be afraid to use it throughout the room in different tones. Check out the Kate Merritt Davis painting above. A painting with this much of one color (GREEN!) can easily go in a room with the same color to make the tones pop. OR put a monotoned painting in a totally different themed room to make a BOLD statement!

What's your favorite pattern? That is the question of the year! With designers turning to more MOD looks with plaids, stripes and color-blocking techniques, The Art Selectress is inspired by the GENIUS of it all! It got us asking, why not have fun with the patterns in your life too? If you like things balanced, try balancing things out with color and pattern. Colorful rooms look great with bold geometric art. Have a lot of patterns in one room? Try a piece like the Erin McIntosh you see above and see how the strong lines bring out your look OR forget making odds even and go with it! Mix patterns with patterns and more color! You may be surprised how great art like this would look in a clean and simple room.

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