Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Favorite New Year's Resolution: Get Organized!

Yes, it is that time of year - time to take down the mistletoe, sweep up the pine needles and put away all the glittery things from the holidays. And now, after the New Year's daze wears off, you're remembering all the promises you made to yourself for 2012, all the resolutions you thought of while still in holiday-mode. We know they are hard to keep! So here's some advice about New Year's Resolutions from the Art Selectress!

We say it all the time - have fun with it! If you're finally buckling down and quitting that bad habit, find something healthy and enjoyable to replace it - running, cooking, reading (our favorite being any decorating magazine!). Trying to Get Fit in 2012? Us too. Try something you normally wouldn't do - like dance classes, yoga or even join an indoor climbing gym. Hey, you may surprise yourself! Whats our top New Year's resolution? GET ORGANIZED! Whether your home looks a little like the holidays took a toll on it, or you're a super hero and your place is already back to its neat and orderly self, now is a great time to RE-organize!

One of our favorite tricks of the trade in the art world is switching things up and doing it often. An art piece can look totally new if moved into a different room. Remember our post on Nancy B. Westfall's room? From window placements and lighting to wall color and decor, a new room = a fresh view on an old piece. Smaller pieces can be moved from the wall to nestled on a bookcase or a nice touch of detail resting on a side table. Don't be afraid to move around larger works as well! The huge piece above your mantle may look stunning above a couch or in a dining room to make it feel more dramatic. Sometimes placing art somewhere unexpected can make the room truly yours!

The small artwork by Jessica Swift adds a touch of interest to the already chic side table.

We love the art placed above the doorframe and the use of BOLD colors to make the room look fresh.

Pairing two works together next to an already interesting piece (the mirror) can balance things out in a unique way.

By rearranging some things in your home you may find some cool items that mimic a piece of art you already have. Why not display them near each other to enhance the effect! 

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