Friday, January 13, 2012


Its official 2012 is the year for BOLD color! And we could not be more excited! When Pantone announced that their color pick for 2012 is Tangerine Tango all we could think is - Bright. Beautiful. Bold. Sold! On the contrary, Benjamin Moore's color pick for 2012 is Wythe Blue from their historical collection, which is nothing short of cool, fresh and charming! What's the best part about these two opposing picks? How they POP when put together! Choosing opposite colors on the color wheel = a vivacious, must-have, too-good-to-be-true combination, guaranteed!

In honor of the new colors for 2012, The Art Selectress has compiled some of our favorite designs below with a little advice on how to use Tangerine Tango and Wythe Blue without going overboard. Be sure to check out the sources to read more!

 A great way to include this years must-have color is by adding some unexpected details to the room. We love how this room grabs the eye with touches of Wythe Blue from the floor-to-ceiling framed artwork that flank the bed, to the clear vase on the vanity/nightstand, to the bright blue lions in front. Not ready to commit? (Well, there will be a different color next year.) Try gathering all the bright orange and red books, pillows, art and rearrange them into one spectacular room! Remember our blog last week on RE-organizing rooms and art? It works!

You don't have to re-do a whole room. Sometimes simply adding a touch here and there can make a major difference! 

A simple color boost to an old chair, add some art and a cool blue vase (side table, lamp, blanket, etc.) and you have yourself a fresh, new space! Try this trick in the corner of a room to create a space that feels totally yours. 

Hello, Stripes! How chic is this entryway! If you are in the mood for some Tangerine Tango, try adding an elaborate table like this one in your home. Think entryway, behind the couch, bedside tables, you get the idea. And if you want to amp up the effect, add a mirror above the table to reflect more color! 

Painting by Alicia Chatham

Art can be a great way to finish off that newly refreshed room! Check out Alicia Chatham's painting above with a mix of tangerine reds and and icy blues. A piece like this will bring the whole room together! Have fun browsing the galleries near you or online and you'll be sure to find something that will make your room POP! 

Still color thirsty and looking for a little something new to oomph up your new room? Check out the sites below and let us know if you have a FAVORITE, MUST-HAVE item!

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  1. I've defnitely got an Orange Crush. In fact, I finished a painting of the same name in 2011, and it got such a great response and energized me so much that I've been wanting to do another in the same palette. I really love the colors in the fabric on the pillows in the above photo from The Decorologist. I've gotten just the jolt I need to get started on a new piece today. Thanks for the inspiration!