Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting to Know Eileen Power

Over the years, we have had lots of you ask questions pertaining to your favorite artists: where do they live, how long have they been painting, what is their inspiration, etc.. Earlier this spring, we thought it would be fun to do a Q+A series with GIFA artists so that our readers could get to know them better. To kick off our Q+A series, we'll start by sharing our interview with GIFA artist Eileen Power:
GIFA: Tell us a little bit about what drew you into this industry.
EP: While my formal education is business and marketing I found myself in a creative industry developing and selling private label home d├ęcor to many successful retailers.  This career allowed me to work with artists and trend leaders across the country.  Painting was an extension of that creative life. 
GIFA: Where do you draw your inspiration for your paintings? 
EP: My inspiration has always come from nature.  I’m fortunate to spend a good deal of time on Johns Island, SC.  The light is great and that wide beach provides an expansive sense of space.
GIFA: Who are your favorite artists? 
EP: Kate Long Stevenson uses the beautiful color and gestural marks I love so much.  Two others I follow closely are Yolanda Sanchez and Bill Fisher.  I discovered both on NY art trip.  Their styles are different, but their sense of color draws me in. 
GIFA: How did you transition into abstract? 
EP: Ah… this requires a longer answer.  I painted floral still life for a number of years.  My family and friends loved them and they were well received in the marketplace.  Increasingly, I found myself losing interest in the work.  I felt like I was creating inventory rather than “art”.   That same year during a trip to NY I walked into MOMA and I could feel that little catch in my breath when something is so beautiful and compelling it “takes your breath away”.  I was looking across the gallery at a gigantic Joan Mitchell painting.   I knew instantly this is the genre of work I need to do.  I’ve been working closely with a teacher studying abstract art and composition ever since.
GIFA: Where do you usually paint?
EP: Fortunately, I have a great studio space at home.  I like being close to the work. Last year I treated myself to a screen door which is open most of the year so I can feel connected to nature.  Painting is a solitary experience…. Just a woman, her music and the neighborhood cat who sits at the open door and watches me paint.
GIFA: What are your favorite blogs?
EP: I start each day with Habitually Chic…and truly miss it on those rare occasions when it isn’t in my mail box.  A local blogger I love is Design Indulgence.  Sherry serves up some great style with a healthy side of humor.  Recently, I discovered Artsy Forager when they featured the talented Christina Baker from GIFA.
To conclude, Eileen leaves us with a favorite quote from an artist that needs no introduction :)

“If I paint a wild horse, you may not see the horse… but surely you will see the wildness”
                     - Pablo Picasso

Here is a peak at some new works from Eileen! We're expecting an arrival date soon, so be on the lookout!
"Centered," 36x36, $1200

"East Beach," 48x48, $2000


  1. Absolute beautiful work.... want to see more! I do.

  2. I enjoy discovering new art on your blog... and it makes it even more wonderful to learn about the artist behind the art!