Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Spotlight Series: Sally Powell!

We've got the scoop on GIFA artist Sally Powell!

In case you missed last week's blog entry, this summer we are doing an artist Spotlight Series so all our readers can get to know our artists a little bit better. This week, we are sharing an interview with beloved Birmingham (and GIFA!) artist, Sally Powell! 

If you have any questions you would like to ask any of our artists, or one in particular, please email us at and we'll ask your question in a future blog entry.

Sally teaching a young painter-in-training at Warren T. Jackson Elementary

1. Tell us a little bit about what drew you to painting, and how you got started.

I grew up drawing and painting but I don't think I ever knew I would be able to do this for a living. I am so thankful that I am able to paint for a living. My first show was a home show in Birmingham with a group of girls that I had gone to high school with. I had attended one of their home shows earlier and thought that I should be doing this too- they encouraged me and I started painting again. This was around 2002 and I went fulltime in 2006.

2. What do you love most about painting?

There is a freedom in painting. I love that the possibilities are unlimited. From the subject matter and styles to the techniques and materials used- the choices are endless and that makes it fun and never stagnant. Always changing and evolving- as much much or as little as you want it to be.

3. What is your favorite thing to do in Birmingham?

I just love Birmingham. It is home and I love the people and the easiness of living there. It is small enough but at the same time has plenty to do. Birmingham has great restaurants and shopping and I love to explore new things right in my own backyard. 

4. Are you following any artists right now whose talent you admire?

SO much talent out there, I can't pick just one. I always admire the work that the other GIFA artists (really- I'm not just saying that:) bring in and I also love to look on Pinterest and get lost in websites and other people's art boards. I like to look at encaustic artists because that is one of my favorite "new to me" techniques that I have been exploring.

5. What is your favorite piece of artwork in your house?

That’s a tough one- I do love my Peter's Pottery collection but sometimes I feel like the cobbler's child that has no shoes- my walls are not packed full of all this awesome art like I wish it was... I have little pieces that I have traded or bought from other artists and it's nice to have little remembrances scattered through my life...this also goes for jewelry I seem to always end up buying at art shows :)

6. Do you have any favorite blogs?

I really don't follow any blogs, specifically. I get on Pinterest and seem to jump all of over the place. I am addicted to Pinterest but it does take me to blogs and I read and go from one place to the next and the next thing I know too much time has passed- it's a time eater! 

Sally and her mom at the Harding Art Show in Nashville

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