Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the Brain of Nancy B...

We've been looking forward to this one for a while. Nancy B. Westfall has gifted us with another perfectly chaotic body of work that we can't help but adore/giggle every time we see them! We decided we'd pick her brain to understand exactly how she conjures up these colorful masterpieces that every woman needs in her home! Enjoy...we sure did :)

Q&A with Nancy B. 
GIFA artist Nancy B. Westfall 

What is inspiring your work most at the moment? 
My work always seems to be half journal-in-paint and half humor (or whatever is visually intriguing me at the moment!). I recently went to see an amazing clairvoyant and through her my grandmother told me to enjoy my work and not worry about what sells—so that's what I'm doing.

At what time of day do you feel the most inspired, and why? 
5pm or later...not sure why? I used to think you had to be inspired to paint well but I can get inspired with good music played really loudly—my kids love to laugh at me dancing. (Which is weird because I'm pretty good for a carpool mom.)

If there is one place in the world you could sit and work, where would it be?  
My new studio. I love it so much. I listen to books on tape and paint and there is even a shelf (catwalk?) for Otto and Oscar to hang out with me.

What's your favorite room in your house?
The den because it's the smallest coziest room in our house and my husband is from New Jersey so he builds great fires!

What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to at the moment?
I'm re-reading Many Lives Many Masters (because of my encounter with Gran); "Breaking Bad" is my downtime and my music tastes are all over the place.

If we opened your purse, what would we find inside? 
If you opened it on a deserted island and all you had were the contents of my purse you could easily survive for two months on gum and tic-tacs alone. You would also find lots of Chick-fil-A receipts, too many lip balms and lip glosses (and trash). 
So, you're on the red carpet… What are you wearing?
I wake up on my couch wearing popcorn stuck to my face. 
Real answer: All black—I'm 43 and I'm not a moron. :-)

You have a free day…. What are you doing?
My dream free day would be to get a personal organizer to help me clean out my desk and my junk drawer, and all of the closets in my house…but it will never happen.

What comes first—text or image?
I'm a visual person so always an image and the text doesn't necessarily come after. It always makes me laugh when galleries or publications want artists to make a statement, and I understand why they want it but I feel like saying "Um...that's what I just did with paint?" They don't ask writers to express the meaning of their book in a small watercolor.

And what IS a High Peach?

My grandmother always told all the girls to be the "high peach" as opposed to the 'low hanging fruit' (that I NEVER was. NEVER.).

*Extra credit*

Send us an image of one of your favorite paintings! 

Oliver Jeffers
Without a Doubt Part 2
Oil on canvas dipped in enamel
28” x 22”   

Oliver is a friend of my brother-in-law's and he is a genius. I love his sense of humor. His children's books are amazing; his most recent about crayons is my favorite.

Thanks for reading everyone! We couldn't be happier to share some small bit of insight into what makes Nancy B so special to us and the Gallery! Until next time...

- the GIFA girls

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