Thursday, April 3, 2014

The House Account App!

Erin McIntosh, "L'uccellino" $180
12"x12" acrylic on paper
House Account...yet another technological invention we wish our minds were creative enough to have dreamed up. This unique App (easily accessible on any Smart Phone, Tablet or IPad) allows you to "follow" your favorite stores locally or nationally and see what's going on in the store on a daily basis. The stores (us included) post images of brand new products/popular items for sale in an intimate way, allowing you to see its authenticity without filters or image altering. It's like being in the store but you are really sitting in carpool, a doctor's office, sports practice, or on the couch in your p.j.s with coffee! (You wish.)

Erin Gregory, "Morning Sunshine 3"
48"x 48" on gallery wrap, $2,000
We've decided to hop on this brilliant band-wagon and will be sharing with you paintings that come in daily including the artists, sizes, and prices + great deals and upcoming events. Aaand just when you thought it couldn't get any rooms! You see a piece you like? Message us and we will hold it until you can get out of carpool line, or until you finish your coffee :).

Shopping all your local spots minus traffic or 
having to put make-up on? Um...that's a no-brainer. 

Happy shopping, art lovers! 

- the GIFA gals

Britt Bass Turner "Las Rocas 3"
20"x20" on gallery wrap, $300

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