Friday, January 18, 2013

More Resolutions and ... a Sneak Peak!

Athens-based artist, Erin McIntosh, tells us her resolutions for the new year (..and we can definitely relate!):

  1. Live more more veggies, more tea and less coffee (my favorite thing!), and get back into jogging and yoga (which I have let both go ever since daylight savings time ended). 
  2. Wear gloves when I am painting.  I really have never been fond of latex gloves (because it reminds me of being at the dentist) and while I did wear them when oil painting in college, I have since, let that habit go for the past, oh,  ten years or so.  I wash my hands ALL the time.  Between being a teacher (madly trying to avoid catching everything my students being into the classroom), scrubbing off dried acrylic, and hand washing dishes, my hands are a dry wreck!  So, I am wearing gloves at every painting session now (also am using Cadmium pigments again so all the better for it) and am wearing gloves washing dishes.   Here's to keeping that skin soft and smooth! Whew, that was a long one. :)
  3. The third is to read more, compute less.  Less time on computer (and smart phone!) and pick up books, multiple books each and every day, even if I read just a couple of pages.
Erin has been busy in her studio getting ready for the upcoming First Day of Spring show with Sara Cameli that will take place here at the gallery from March 20th thru April 6th. Here is a glimpse inside Erin's studio in Athens, Georgia, AND a sneak peak at what will be in the show! 

Erin's new paintings already have us thinking spring!

Dun Laoghire, 12" by 12" on gallery wrap, $250

Melon, 16" by 16" on gallery wrap, $300

Elixir, 40" by 40" on gallery wrap, $1500


  1. OOOhhh love thesee. Bring some to CLT. I leave for a wedding Friday...I need to catch you early. xoxo

  2. I love her resolution, less computer time, more book in hand. I'm with you, Erin! Great post.